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Welcome to the HeliX PC Terms & Conditions page, here you will find warranty information, and the terms and conditions you will have to agree to in order to do business with HeliX PC.



Repairs done using new parts carry a 1 month - 12 month warranty depending on the part or parts used for the repair only, sometimes if a new part is not available, we will offer the customer a used, or refurbished part if we are able to find the part or parts needed, used and refurbished parts also carry a 1 month to 12 month warranty like new parts, no warranty on labor. Software repairs carry a 7 day warranty, all completed jobs are double checked once completed before the customer is notified of completion.

All new desktop computers carry a 1 year warranty on all hardware inside the PC, does not include labor just parts. All of our computers are fully stress tested to ensure stability, all of our builds are updated with the latest bios, windows updates and drivers, XMP profile is always set to ensure memory is running to its full potential. Warranty does not cover viruses, malware, spyware or any other user caused software issues, errors, or malfunctions, software issues you may encounter with any third party applications or setups are also not covered under warranty.


Because of the nature of computers, HeliX PC is not responsible for any data lost during any repairs or work being done, you will be responsible for backing up your data before bringing your computer in for repairs or any work needed. We do not access personal data unless its needed for the job we are hired to do, like backing up your data. We will need to accessing your operating system to conduct stress tests, and all other software related jobs.



Simple diagnostics in store can possibly be free of charge (NO DIAGNOSTICS OVER THE PHONE), however, extensive diagnostics that require more time will cost $50-$150 (i.e., requiring disassembly, check of individual components for proper function, software compatibility testing or stress testing the computer). The diagnostic charge gets applied in full towards any repairs (in most cases, not all). In other words, it’s free of charge if chosen to move forward with the repair. Although uncommon, due to the nature of computers intermittent issues or other hardware issues can be missed or misdiagnosed, in this case, my diagnostic fee covers any further re-diagnostics necessary to resolve the issue at hand. Customer service is my utmost priority. I will always strive to complete all jobs successfully and keep my customers happy.

ALL Customer MUST hereby acknowledge that they understand the inherent risks and potential liabilities on having their Computer repair(s) undertaken. Customer likewise declare that they have full and legally binding authority to provide consent for the repair of their computer(s) on my premises. Customer must acknowledge the risk of any possible damage(s) that may happen during the repair of their computer(s) and by which the customer must assume the liability and responsibility of such damage(s). HeliX PC will not be held responsible for any stolen computer(s), or damages that may happen while customers computer(s) is at HeliX PC.

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